Sign Your Runner Up Today
Wed, May 3 3:52pm

Run Llewellyn is happening May 12th, 2023! This is Llewellyn Foundation's biggest fundraiser of the year.


If 400 of our students raised $125 each we would reach our goal of $50,000. Any and all donations are welcomed and many who have signed up are already exceeding expectations for sponsorship!


As a parent /guardian you need to sign your child up to participate in the fundraising website. The school will not sign your child up on the website.  All students will participate in the run regardless of their participation in the fundraising efforts and signing up on the Event Groove website.


RUN Llewellyn Website
Video Instructions - How to Register


Run Llewellyn will happen during the school day on May 12th. Family members and friends can sponsor their student per lap or with a flat donation on the website. The first step is to sign up your student. Watch the video for easy step-by-step instructions on how to register your student(s).