Support our teachers
Fri, Dec 3 12:00pm


As many of you have probably seen in the news this week, teachers in PPS have been working so hard this year to ensure our kids have a safe, emotionally supportive and academically enriching experience this school year.  I hope all of us would agree that the teachers and staff at Llewellyn 

have done an amazing job in a year that has presented many challenges.


We have also heard that PPS teachers are feeling stretched thin.  While as parents we may not have the resources to make the work more manageable, we can certainly make sure Llewellyn teachers and staff know just how much we appreciate the work they are doing.


Lets show them by sending a note or email thanking them for all they do.  Get your kids involved and have them write a letter as well.  A simple thank you may not change these challenging circumstances but it can certainly brighten someones day.