THE LLEWELLYN FOUNDATION: Help Wanted for Website Creator
Thu, Sep 23 3:21pm



The Llewellyn Foundation is looking for a  website developer to create a self-contained webpage. 

We would love a stand alone website that houses our Foundation information, current members, active Fundraisers, Business Sponsorships, Company Match giving, and calendar of events. 

We hope this volunteer can create and then be able manage this website throughout the year to keep it updated and relevant for the school year. 



Our Foundation raises funds to directly pay for staff positions at Llewellyn. We have used the funds to pay for teachers, educational assistants, and this year for 1/2 of one of our Counselors. More adult to student ratio positively impacts our students success in the classroom, and as our school has struggled in years past with very large class sizes, the Foundation has been able to alleviate pressure by funding EDUCATORS to directly work with our kids in the building.  WE RAISE FUNDS TO PAY FOR STAFF. That is our one and only goal. 



The Wreath Sale, Run Llewellyn, Auction Paddle Raise, Restaurant Nights,  Company Match, and Annual Give Campaign are our main fundraisers. More info to come about these events in the next months. 



Yes! The PTA is part of the Oregon PTA and as such has board positions that act as liason between staff and parents.  The PTA seeks volunteers for the classrooms, raises money for projects like Art, funds teachers projects, builds community with different fundraising events, and acts as a direct line of communication between the school and the community with monthly school wide meetings. 


Can I GET INVOLVED  even if I can't manage the website? 

Yes! Currently we are actively recruiting a webpage manager and Social Media "Influencer" , but would love anyone who wants to learn more or has ideas for Foundation fundraisers to join our team. We meet ever third Wednesday at 7pm, location TBD.  (Lately it's just been at someone's backyard to remain COVID safe. But we will send out info before next meeting Oct. 20 if you get on our email list)


Who do I contact for more info?
Chair/Annual Give:
Lana Keane 503-752-9316;

Co-Chair/Business Sponsors: Ashley Schmidt 503-267-0146;

Treasurer: Jenny Hudson 503-449-0387;

Secretary: Christine Viola-Krause 971-207-737;

Run Llewellyn: Carleen Starr 503-781-9901;

Wreaths: Damian Rothermel 503-730-8644;