We need you to make Monster March a success!
Wed, Oct 25 5:44pm

The Monster March is coming!


Grab your costumes and join us for the Monster March as it comes back to Llewellyn!


When: Sunday, October 29th, 3pm

Where: Llewellyn Elementary (the route starts and stops here)


To make this event a success we desperately need your help! You can volunteer to bake or staff a critical 5th grade fundraiser (aka bake sale) and/or stand and watch the parade from a post around the neighborhood and ensure people are going the right direction and behaving (we will have professional support as well). 


For more information:

Click to view information on the 5th Grade Bake Sale 

Click to sign-up for a parade watching - AKA volunteering to watch a corner


Thanks to everyone for helping make this event a success! We are so excited to have it back at our school!