ANNUAL GIVING update - participation leaderboard!
Thu, Sep 14 3:32pm

As of today's tally, we have raised $8,720 so far in our Annual Giving campaign - WOW!! 


THANK YOU to those who have made your donations. I have received donations ranging from $5 to $1000, and both humble me and make me proud to be part of this community that cares about their children's education, and gives whatever amount they can


See below for our "Participation Leaderboard", the % of students by class that have a donation registered in their name. I will be providing some kind of fun/tasty prizes for all of the classes that have a high level of participation. ROOM PARENTS and TEACHERS, encourage the parents in your class to make a donation so your class can be one of the winners! 


If you haven't yet, take a moment to make your Annual Giving contribution now: 

If you can't find that donation envelope, we will have extras in the office. You can stop by there with your checkbook and complete your donation in one stop!


Remember that your donation is 100% tax deductible!



* Leon, 43%

* Garcia, 38%

* Graham, 35%

* Matson, 26%

* Rodea, 26%

* Knight, 20%

* Ortiz, 20%