Annual Giving - Help us meet our goal by this Saturday!!
Wed, Sep 27 11:11am

Our Annual Giving campaign has raised over $10,500 at this point (NICE WORK LONGFELLOW COMMUNITY!) but due to fundraising shortfalls last year we have raised our goal for this event to $12,000 to help balance the budget


There are many Longfellow families who haven't donated yet for Annual Giving. If that is you, PLEASE HELP US MEET/EXCEED OUR GOAL now: 

  • Make a donation online at
  • Would you rather make a small monthly donation rather than a lump sum? Set up a recurring monthly commitment at the link above for $5, $10, $25... the FULL annual total will be counted toward our goal. Just $10/month equals a $120 Annual Giving donation!
  • Cash or check in the Annual Giving envelope - stop in the office to get an envelope and leave your donation

Officially you can give to Annual Giving all year, but I will close this start-up campaign at midnight this Saturday, Sept. 30 so do it now!!


See below for the participation contest. Any class that reaches at least 50% participation will earn a special tasty/fun prize delivered to their classroom next week! 



* Garcia, 46%

* Leon, 43%

* Graham, 35%

* Matson, 35%

* Rodea, 30%


Talk to other parents in your kids' class or send a class message on Konstella, encouraging everyone to give. In most classes even 5-10 more parents giving would put the class over 50%. Even a small donation counts for participation!