Annual Giving Results & Jogathon Reminder
Fri, Oct 12 11:09am
Have you registered your child for a Jogathon donation page yet? 
Our PTO strives to keep the Longfellow Fundraising goals simple: no selling wrapping paper or popcorn, just participation in three fun fundraising events during the year!
(Aug-Sept) Annual Giving - our families give what they can throughout the year WE RAISED $20,470!!! Thank you for helping us reach our goal! Our classroom winners are: 
1st – Ramirez
2nd – Gonzalez
3rd – Cheatham, Esquivel, and Matson
(October) Jogathon - our families teach their children how to reach out to their sphere of influence for a great cause (Involve your kids! Have them write the email and thank you notes!)
(May 4th) Silent Auction - Save the date for a fun adult event where you 'get stuff' for your money!
Please consider participating in this amazing Jogathon event! Here are some reminders:

1) Register your kid(s) with an online donation page by clicking HERE


2) SHARE their donation page by emailing at least 10 people, on Facebook, etc. Get the word out and watch your child's (and class) donation meter rise! 


3) Click HERE to see our school-wide donation page, student incentives (light blue button), and Classroom Leaderboard in the lower left (Sra. Garcia's class leads with $1400 already!). When I just checked, our school-wide donations were over $4,000 - that may sound like a lot but we need everyone's help to hit our goal of $25,000. Don't forget to share the links to your kids' donation page. You will be surprised at the responses you get!
4) T-shirts are awards to students who attend our Jogathon event on Sunday, October 28th. Parents can also get a T-shirt for anyone who has collected the minimum donation of $25 (offsets cost of the shirt and the event)
4) Top runners of each grade (1st place runners) will earn a spot in our Rockin' Jump Ready, Player Run Party on Sunday, December 2nd (*details of party to be confirmed later). 1st, 2nd and 3rd place runners will earn a medal on the day of the event!
5) Venue has changed to Marston Middle School 
$100 collected earns the Ready, Player, Run Mystery gift bag! 
(Prizes will vary and will be delivered to the classroom starting next Wed.) 
$150 collected earns the Fort Nite Pop Figure 
(Figure will be selected and delivered to your child's classroom starting next Wed. - It's like the McDonald's Happy Meal, you get what you get and don't throw a fit)
$250 and above collected will earn a ticket to the Rockin' Jump Ready, Player, Run party on Sunday, December 2nd! 
* Highest collecting class will earn a party for their class and gift card for their teacher of $100!