BoxTops for Education October Contest
Sat, Sep 29 10:44am
It's time to submit BoxTops for Education! The deadline for our Box Tops coordinator to send them in by is November 1st, which means we need YOU to send all of the Box Tops you/your student have collected over the summer no later than Friday, October 26th. Please give the box tops to your student's teacher.  The class who collects the most BoxTops between October 1st and October 26th earns a popcorn & movie party in their classroom!
Please be sure that the Box Tops you are submitting have not expired and that the acronym (3 or 4 letters found in the corner) is legible. No need to staple, glue, or tape your box tops to a sheet of paper - you can just clip them and toss them into an envelope or plastic baggy! Please remember to write your teachers name on the envelope, baggy, or sheet(s) of paper so that your class gets credit for your hard work! (Middle School: please use your homeroom teacher's name)
Our school earns $.10 per BoxTop that is submitted. It may not sound like much, but with the joint effort of each of our students, this adds up to quite a bit of money throughout the year! If you would like to learn more about BoxTops, you can visit their website
If you have any questions about the BoxTops for Education program, please reach out to the BoxTops School Coordinator, Sarah Lucas. She can be reached via email, or text 858.531.2825.
Thank you for your help in earning money for our PTO to use toward our school!