Cone Zone starts tomorrow
Mon, Aug 28 9:26pm

Hello Longfellow Families,


Cone Zone will start back up tomorrow along July St. to keep traffic moving efficiently throughout our drop-off time each morning, 8:35am - 9:05am.  Please note - San Diego Unified School Police will be monitoring our drop-off area all this week.  Please do not park in the 3 minute loading zone.


Please help us keep Cone Zone running efficiently.

  • Make sure your child is seated on the passenger side of the car.
  • Remain in your car. This will expedite drop-off and prevent traffic from backing up. Cone Zone volunteers will assist with getting your student and belongings out of the car in a safe manner.
  • Always pull forward when you enter the Cone Zone. Please do not stop at the July Street entry gate to watch your child go through the gate - this just backs up traffic. You may ask a Cone Zone volunteer to walk your child through the gate.
  • Be sure your child is ready to exit your car once you enter the Cone Zone. If your child is still finishing breakfast, completing homework, or putting on his/her shoes, he/she is not ready to exit. Please find a safe place to park if your student needs a few extra minutes.
  • Remind your student to start walking to the July Street gate as soon as he/she has exited the car.  We want to be sure students walk away from the curbside as soon as they exit the vehicle.
  • As you exit the Cone Zone, continue up the hill to the stop sign at the crosswalk at Cowley Way. Help keep our students safe – no U-turns or left turns onto Deepark Drive from the Cone Zone!
  • Always follow the directions and be courteous of Cone Zone volunteers and other parents at drop-off. Any instructions given by Cone Zone volunteers or staff are for the children's safety. Please be a good role model by following instructions in a respectful manner.

 Also, please remember for the pedestrian safety of our students and families:

  • Do not walk across July Street with your child – please use the crosswalk at July Street and Burgener Boulevard. Parking is limited around our school and it is unsafe for parents and children to be crossing July Street during drop-off and pick-up, or crossing through the Cone Zone.
  • Please do not drop-off your student across the street from school on July Street, and ask your student to walk across the street. Even if you are sitting in the car watching, this is a very unsafe practice. If you want to drop-off your student, please use the Cone Zone.

Thank you for your cooperation.  If you are interested in volunteering one morning a week at the Cone Zone, please let me know! 



Lisa Lawrence

858 342 6642