Jogathon procrastinators... Now is your time!!
Thu, Oct 19 10:46pm

If you have been waiting, lazy, or just plain procrastinating on supporting our 2017 Jogathon...maybe figuring others will do enough for us to meet the $25,000 goal....


If you have already done "good enough" on getting donations but know you could send one more email or have your kids talk to those few other folks about making a donation....




We need to kick it into gear to meet our schoolwide fundraising goal. THE REASON we can pay for the amazing PTO sponsored opportunities and resources at our school is because of your participation in these fundraisers.  One mom recently commented to me how easy it was. She registered her kid with a Get Movin' Crew account (3 minutes), sent out the donation page by email (2 minutes), and within 2 hours had received $100 in donations! 


CLICK HERE to participate in the online fundraising and become a Longfellow superhero.  Let's watch our schoolwide fundraising meter jump over the next couple of days!


6 classes have met their fundraising goal ($750) - NICE WORK Van, Munguia, Baker, Talbi, Rodea, and Baker!! Can your class pass it's goal by Sunday??  Wondering how your class is doing? Click here


We need volunteers to help run the event! CLICK HERE and find a small job you can help with. We need a few more water station workers, very easy job you can do while your kid is running, and cheer them on. Also clean up! (Stay and help as long as you can)


PLEDGE ENVELOPES should be turned in tomorrow at school, or bring them to the event on Sunday. If you have people who have pledged "per lap", envelopes will be returned to you to collect next week after you know how many laps your kid(s) ran. 


If you are attending the Jogathon Sunday morning at Marston:

  • Parking will be available in the upper (northeast) dirt lot, entrance on Ute Dr. near the corner of Waco St. This will be the main entrance to the event. 
  • Registration starts as early as 8:15 (the line can get long close to 9:00!). K-3 run at approx. 9:00, 4th-8th run at approx. 10:00. "Late run" for any others at 10:30.
  • There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd most laps run at each grade level, boys and girls! Every runner gets a T-shirt, bib number, and Longfellow Superhero cape!!
  • Breakfast burritos and tacos by Los Chuchy's. Snacks by 6th grade.
  • DJ!!!
  • Lots of space if you want to bring frisbee, etc. Bikes, scooters, there is a park and playground next door. Should be warm and sunny!