Sat, Aug 19 9:46am

We just found out that the City has declined our request for additional lighting, crosswalks and signage, and perhaps even a stop light in front of Longfellow.  Parent Jennifer Ragusa has been working tirelessly to make changes around our school.  Our entire community now needs to get involved in the cause. 


Please consider writing an email immediately to these people:







We want to highlight:

Since 2012, a safety review and safety plan around the school was requested on a minimum of 3 occasions.

All attempts to create pedestrian safety were denied.

We have now lost a parent. WE NEED CHANGE!


Please ask:

How will the City and Police address these issues:

1. Pedestrian safety at crosswalk at July St and Burgener Blvd in a designated crosswalk

2. Unsafe crossing at July St. and Deerpark

3. Unsafe street crossing at Milton St. and Burgener Blvd in front of the school.

4. Providing a SAFE PEDESTRIAN PLAN for 800 + students and their families each and every day of school


Please write an email to the above members immediately.

It is our goal to send them over 100 emails this weekend to let them know that we will continue to speak up and we want a change at our school.