Many thanks to all families and friends of Longfellow for making DDLM so wonderful!
Thu, Nov 9 8:20am

I would like to extend my graduated to everyone that made "Day of the Dead" possible. 

Paula for taking care of the venue, Men's club for always making sure our event looks amazing with decorations, Carma and her team for making it possible to have Longfellow"s dancers every year, to all the parents and teachers that volunteered to make the most increatable altars, to the event volunteers that assisted in everything, to my PTO team that always pulls though and lastly to all the friends and families of Longfellow that took time out of their busy evenings to join us and make this evening more spectacular.    

Thank you all so much!


I would LOVE feedback on this event, good or bad are welcome. Let me know what you would like more of or less etc.