READY, PLAYER, RUN Jogathon in the books! Thank you to all for supporting our biggest fundraiser of the year!!!
Mon, Oct 29 7:05pm

As the fog rolled out, the crowd rolled in! 

Thank you to the 300 plus family members, students & staff who attended our Jogathon event on their Sunday morning! 

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SEND in an envelope to Teacher
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We are already to $22,000 with the per lap pledges starting to come in,so it's not too late to send in your final donations!

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We are always humbled by the overwhelming support of our community for this off campus event. We have done this for three years during the construction, and based on the updates, it sounds like we may ONLY have to do off site one more time! 

Please take a moment, if you can, to read through my exhaustive thank you list to recognize the people who make this event possible!

  • Thank you to Paula Cunningham, my partner in crime CO JOGATHON EVENT COORDINATOR EXTRAORDINAIRE. For the new parents, Paula's 4th and youngest child through Longfellow is in 7th grade (Lauren), and she still volunteers with the fervor of a new Kinder parent. She sets the bar high for her endless contributions to our school. If you knew how much time we spent talking about shirts, it would shock you. 
  • Thank you to Andrew Ornelas (Sophia & Liliana's Dad) & Jenn Ragusa (Amanda & Gavin's Mom) for saving our event with the speaker/playlist combo) since our DJ had an emergency!
  • Thank you to the parents who entertained the TK, Kinder & 1st graders during that LONGEST 10 minute delay ever before the music was ready!
  • Thank you to Men's Club President, Dave Ragusa, and members Israel Sanchez, Jay Stiles, Steve Chappell, Andrew Ornelas, John Steinemann, Leo Acosta, Mike Cannon, Jeff Sheeron (aka MacGyver) for your endless coordination of muscle and for arriving at 7 am to set up our whole event! 
  • Thank you to Lisa and Josh Lawrence for delivering the trash cans and cones at 7am even though they had sick children and were unable to attend the event!
  • Thank you to our Longfellow PTO Treasurer, Lucia Allen for the many transactions necessary to run this event including the Marston permit process and online orders!
  • Thank you to my registration desk crew for welcoming our community and giving them their cool shirts, wrist bands and pins: Michelle Platero, Susan Arias, Lucia Allen, Nancy Starr, Leah Kirby and Kathy Youngberg. 
  • Thank you to my lap counter volunteers for doing what you now realize is the almost impossible task of lining up the kids as they run in to see what order they were in! As you now know, the number of laps and who won can be a very TRICKY and EMOTIONAL thing to the kids who take this event very seriously! I hope you were not too traumatized by the job and you come back next year to help because your experience is priceless!
  • Thank you to Juanita Sanchez-Sevilla and the other 6th grade camp volunteers for hosting the snack bar as a fundraiser!
  • Thank you to Troy Stempel for creating our logo this year and every year! Our shirts are amazing!
  • Thank you to Nancy Starr for booking our food vendor!
  • Thank you to Carol Steve for coordination & planning of our Rockin Jump Party!
  • Thank you to our VP Development Susan Arias for your help planning this event and for setting up the online launch site!
  • Thank you to Dominique Turnbow & Susan Arias for all the messaging!
  • Thank you to Michelle & Paula for counting thousands of dollars from the pledge envelopes on your Sunday afternoon after our event was done!
  • Thank you to the room parents who helped distribute information to their classes!
  • Than you to Glenda, Woodlyn, Principal Sanchez and the teachers for helping to distribute information to their classes!
  • Thank you to our Sponsors for supporting our school! Your final full resolution banner will hang for  two years at the entrance gate and I hope our community makes it a point to support your business throughout the year! 
  • And last but certainly not least, thank you to my husband for his support during this event. His countless prize deliveries, delivery of flyers, drop off of money, pick up of envelopes, coordinating with the custodians at both Longfellow and Marston are the only reason I am able do what I do. For anyone who has ever coordinated a large event, you know what the spouse signs up for (unintentionally). He is my most loyal supporter, and so much more than just 'Carma's husband ' or 'Nadia's & Aidan's Dad'. I hope you had the pleasure of meeting Israel Sanchez