RRW: Tie-Dye/Hippie Clothes
Wed, Oct 25
1 day before

Each year, the National Family Partnership sponsors the annual Red Ribbon Week campaign to bring awareness to the destruction and lives lost caused by drug usage in America. Red Ribbon Week is October 23-October 31 and this year’s theme is “Your Future Is Key, So Stay Drug Free.” We will hold a Spirit Week next week to show our commitment to stay drug free. Please encourage your child to participate as follows:


o October 25 – Peace-out to drugs - Students wear tye-dye and dress like a hippie!

o October 26 – Team up against drugs – Students wear your favorite sports jersey!

o October 27 – Sock it to drugs - Students wear silly socks!

o October 30 – Doing drugs is crazy – Crazy hair day!

o October 31 – Hocus Pocus Focus – Students dress in orange and black!