RSVP to attend Superhero Jogathon NEXT Sunday 10/22!
Fri, Oct 13 1:23pm

Hello! We'll try to keep this short and to the point (most important at the top but please read on) :)


To attend the Superhero Fun Run/Walk (Jogathon) NEXT Sunday, 10/22: RSVP BY CLICKING HERE.

We must make the T-shirt order and any RSVPs that don't come in by tonight cannot be guaranteed a T-shirt from this year's Jogathon. 


To fundraise for our 2017 Jogathon (biggest fundraiser of the year), if you haven't yet register your child with a Get Movin' Crew online donation page and share it widely: CLICK HERE

(See which classes are in the lead on this below)


If you prefer to support this year's Jogathon fundraiser by simply making a straight donation to the PTO, you can do that at our Los Compadres online donation page: CLICK HERE

Please indicate in the text box that the donation is to support Jogathon, and name(s) of students and their teacher(s). Minimum $25 per person to run in the Jogathon.



Screenshot I just took of the Classroom Leaderboard:

Look at those Kinder (and 1st grade) classess!! WOW!!! How are they doing it? They have the highest number of students registered with Get Movin' Crew online donation pages. Graham and Munguia lead with at least 10 students registered in their classes!

HERE is the link to view our constantly updated school donation page. Check on the classroom leaderboard in the lower left (click "Visit Full Classroom Leaderboard" at the bottom), and the light blue "View School Incentives" button on the right to see what prizes kids can earn.


1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th grade, Middle School...... ARE WE GONNA LET KINDER SHOW US UP?? COME ON! There is still more than a week left, no more procrastinating on bringing in those donations!


OH - and be sure to go eat at Dan Diego's any day/night next week, Sunday through Saturday, it is our "Family Dinner WEEK". They are so awesome, support them, have a great meal, and 20% of your bill goes back to our school. See the Konstella event HERE, print the flyer and bring with you...