School Site Council (SSC) Meeting
Thu, Mar 7 7:30am-8:30am

The SSC is an elected, representative team of staff, parents and interested community members
who make decisions regarding our school’s educational program, including categorical
budgets, intervention supports, site planning process, and communications. The SSC is
responsible for developing a plan to improve student academic achievement, in literacy and
math, which is in alignment with district and school goals called Single Plan for Student
Achievement (SPSA). The SSC allocates supplemental funding provided to support the plan,
and annually updates the plan and budget to reflect changing needs and priorities within the
school. Also, the SSC conducts ongoing analysis of Longfellow students’ test data and

The Longfellow SSC is composed of five parents, three teachers, one non-classroom staff position and the principal. SSC terms are for two years. The SSC holds meetings once a month during he school year,