Garden, Grounds, and Outdoor Learning Team

Maplewood's gardens are a hands-on place to apply lessons and real-life experiences that get kids excited about nature and learning. Visits to the garden teach absorbing lessons about observation and investigation, life cycles, problem-solving, recycling and teamwork. Our gardens present students the opportunity to plant crops, pull and compost weeds, amend soil, harvest crops, eat and share vegetables and herbs they've grown themselves, and learn about intercropping, soil ph, and weather measurements,


The outdoor enrichment program and garden crew helps develop and maintain Maplewood's  garden spaces.


Number of Chairs: 2


General volunteer needs: 

Join us for garden work days, about once a month, and at other times as needed. We do weeding, irrigation, landscaping, mulching, planting, propagating for plant sales!), and other garden prep. This team has also worked on stencils and tree mulching and other projects in the past.


Handypeople and all gardeners welcome! We also sign off on volunteer hours for middle and high schoolers.

Positions (1/2 filled)

Committee Chair Signed Up: 2 / 2

Committee Member Signed Up: 26 / 50

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