Fox 5 News on Campus Wednesday
Mon, Oct 29 1:55pm
Maria Montessori School
Wanted you to be aware that a Fox 5 News Morning Show reporter and camera crew will be here on campus on Wednesday morning from 8:00-9:00am.  They are covering an annual event held in Room 3 with a live shot at 8:30ish.  
The Room 3 Restaurant, called "The Batty Cafe", is a one-day culminating event which the children have worked toward since the beginning of the school year.  The students run the restaurant in all its aspects, serving invited community helpers (librarian, nurse, firefighter, etc...), some of the MMS staff, and one another.  It is much more than a cooking activity for the Room 3 children. It incorporates math, graphing, writing, reading, art, team work, collaboration, leadership skills, appreciation for individuals like Johnny Appleseed, business lessons, and more.  This is why Fox wants to feature this event as an example of the positive things children can do ... especially on Halloween.    
Of course there is always the possibility that a big news story will supersede the live shot.  But, if you see a news truck here on Wednesday, please don't be alarmed!