Looking for Video Editors
Mon, Apr 27 5:39pm

Hi MMS Community!

If you saw Ms. Stoneman's video last Friday, along with a very sweet message  you may have heard a little about our plans to hold an online Spring Showcase event. We don't have any details for you yet, but we are targeting the end of the month and want to include both a short student variety show and online auction fundraiser (to benefit our MMS community with financial assistance).

In order to pull off the student variety show we need some technical expertise. If you have video editing experience or experience with online apps or services to record group videos (from platforms like Zoom where several people would perform together), and you are willing to help us figure this out, please contact me at your earliest convenience. I can be reached here, through Konstella, via email (josie.wintch@gmail.com), or text 858-761-8521.

I really missed the community experience of our annual event and am hoping to recreate a little bit of that magic in a safe, yet fun, way for our students and families. As we figure out more details, we'll keep everyone posted.

Wishing you all health and well-being.

Warm regards,