School Closure
Fri, Mar 13 2:53pm

At this time, it has been determined by San Diego health authorities that in the interest of public health that MMS be closed beginning Monday, March 16, through the end of our spring break.  Provided that it is prudent to do so, we will reopen on April 6. 


Although this decision differs from the plan communicated earlier today, given the new directive, we feel it is important to follow this course in order to help lessen the cases of COVID-19 in San Diego.  Based on future developments in this pandemic, we will communicate our plans for going forward as soon as we are able. This is a full closure and includes all campus activities for children, daycare, and after school programming. 


With this decision, we are exercising an abundance of caution, following the recommendations of health agencies, our regional school districts, and government officials. We have an obligation to our children, colleagues, families, and our city to take all reasonable and responsible steps to do our part in ensuring each other's safety and wellness.  


Once we are able to re-group with teachers, we will be communicating with you about how learning can be extended at home while the school is closed. 


We know how impactful this decision is on working families, but we remind ourselves that the highest priority is the health of our children and our community.


I invite you to reply to me directly on Konstella with any questions you have.


Wishing you wellness,

Dena Stoneman