School Picnic Potluck Sign Up
Sat, Oct 15
Kearny Mesa Community Park
1 day before

To make our Potluck a successful and delicious one we are looking for volunteers to sign up to bring some of their favorite foods to share with the school! Here are the different items you may sign up and bring:


1. Main Course: 

Looking for 30 different and delicious main courses for our all-school picnic Potluck. We ask each main course to be able to feed at least 10 people.  8 of these main courses will be vegetarian/vegan. 


2. Side Dish or Appetizer

Sign up to bring your favorite yummy side dish or appetizer! In need of 20 sign ups, all sides or apps able to feed up to 15 people. 


3. Salads

Bring along your favorite delicious salad. Looking for 15 sign ups with each salad able to feed up to 15 people. 


4. Desserts

Bring a sweet treat! Looking for 20 sign ups; each dessert should be able to feed up to 15 people. 


5. Juice Boxes

2 Volunteers, we ask that each sign up brings 80 juice boxes. 


Main Course Signed Up: 22 / 22

Sat, Oct 15

Main Course Signed Up: 8 / 8

Sat, Oct 15

Side Dish/ Appetizer Signed Up: 20 / 20

Sat, Oct 15

Salad Signed Up: 14 / 15

Sat, Oct 15
Sign up

Dessert Signed Up: 20 / 20

Sat, Oct 15

Juice Boxes Signed Up: 2 / 2

Sat, Oct 15