Spring Showcase Sign-ups -- 2 Spots Available
Sat, Feb 16 12:34pm
Maria Montessori School

Hello MMS!


We've made 2 more performance spots available for the Spring Showcase on April 6 (unfortunately, we don't have space for any more piano performances). If your child is interested in performing an individual or small-group act, please have them sign-up in the office on Tuesday. If your child would like to do a magic trick, tell a joke, recite a poem, perform a skit, show off some karate moves, sing/dance, or something else we'd love to include them in the show.


We also have a few spots open for Presenters. This opportunity is open to all students of all levels, but we ask that they be comfortable speaking clearly in front of a full audience of about 300 people. Students may get paired up with a child from another classroom to present together. Presenter sign-ups are also available in the office.