The Science of Learning in the 2ist Century Parent Workshop
Thu, Jan 25 5:30pm-7:00pm
Maria Montessori School

The Science of Learning

The process of learning is an amazingly complex activity that happens in the human brain. Your
child’s mind takes in an incredible amount of information each and every day, and much of it
becomes new knowledge and skills, all needed on their path to adulthood.

Come find out more about how people learn, and how you can best initiate and support that
process in your own child. What can be done at home to enhance learning? What surrounding
does your child need to learn best? How is the learning process helped or hindered by the
adults in the child’s life?

Please sign up to attend our Parent Education Workshop, “The Science of Learning,” to be held on
Thursday, January 25, at 5:30pm. Volunteer time of 1.5 hours will be given for attendance.


Entrance and parking will be through our backgate on Hattaras Avenue.  

(5:30-7:00pm / Room 7)


Parent Workshop Signed Up: 20 / 30

Thu, Jan 25 5:30pm-7:00pm
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