Virus Updates
Sat, Feb 2 6:12pm
Maria Montessori School

Dear Parents,

     It is very important that we know if your child has contracted the virus that moved through Rooms 1 & 3. Only with this information can we manage our response appropriately.  The common symptoms are: stomach cramps, vomiting, and diarrhea.  Typically there are repeated episodes of vomiting over a 24 hour period.   

     Please message me on Konstella, or email me at if your child exhibits these symptoms.  If you have already posted about your child’s illness, or if you made contact with me or the MMS office previously, then there is no need to message me. 

     Tomorrow I will send an email update with information about how the school will continue to manage the outbreak of this stomach virus and any further plans we have to mitigate the problem.  

     Wishing you wellness!

Dena Stoneman