A Facebook note from Ms. Leslie
Fri, Aug 11 11:29pm

Please see below the message Ms. Leslie posted on our Facebook page on Aug. 9th. If you know a new family, please feel free to forward them this message or invite them to join Konstella or join our Facebook page.

With gratitude,

Mariposa Communications Team


Dear Mariposa Familes,

I can't wait to see everyone soon and I hope you are enjoying every last minute of summer. I would like to give a big welcome to all of the new families who will be joining our amazing community this year. I just wanted to give you a few reminders about our school culture.

1. Don't forget to send TRASH FREE lunch and snacks. This is going to continue to be a push this year. I would love if people could post pictures and info about great "bento box" type lunch boxes and where to get them to help with our trash free goal.

2. Remember we ask that students refrain from having characters on their clothing, lunch boxes, and back packs. This is to help students develop positive self-images and aligns to our media/screen free philosophy.

3. We ask that families have media free school weeks and limit the amount of time on the weekends (screen free for grades Kinder - 5th). Middle school parents be sure to make a plan about computer and phone use to keep your kids safe and healthy.

4. Don't forget to "Scatter Seeds of Kindness" whenever you can and help your children do this too.

5. No need to buy school supplies, just a backpack and lunch box. All of the Waldorf supplies have been purchased and teachers will put out wish lists at Back to School Night for other items they need in their classrooms.

Ms. Leslie