EAGLE CHASE is open to all businesses and needs your help!
Mon, Feb 26 1:03pm

Hello wonderful community!!!


I want to invite you all to a wonderful surprise we will have at our Wednesday assembly! We will be launching our biggest fundraiser of the year, our Eagle Chase with a surprise visitor that your kids will adore. If you are available, you won't want to miss this experience.


If you're on Instagram please like our Eagle Chase page!!! The more, the merrier!!!! @mariposaeaglechase


Also, we have opened up the opportunity to help sponsor our Eagle Chase to businesses who want to support our mission.


I recently learned that our school district gets $3000 less per student each year than our neighboring school district. On top of that, Mariposa has so many specialized items that we give each of our kids. We parents don't have to go out and shop for anything at the beginning of the school year because our school gives it all to us. Yet - we do have to pay for it somehow and this is the somehow.


Please ask ONE business if they'd be willing to become a sponsor at any of the levels and in return, they'll get a chance to be recognized by our community. Here is a link for more information http://www.mariposacommunity.org/eagle-chase/


Thank you SO much to the families who have already done this!!!