End of Year Gratitude
Thu, Jun 7 7:48pm

Dear Mariposa Families, 

Many of you would like to show your gratitude for all the hard work our school's staff does throughout the year.  If you choose to give a note of thanks or a small gift from the heart, it would be great if your child could hand deliver the gift to the staff member.  If your child needs help with this, he or she can give it to their teacher who will pass it on.  
Here's a list of all of the special folks who make each day run smoothly for our children.   Please make sure it's clearly labeled so it reaches its destination.  
Office Staff
Ms. Stephanie
Ms. Kathy 
Ms. Renee - (Becca's class)
Ms. Susan - (Sharon, Stephanie, Penni and Stacy's)
Ms. Regina - (Tiffanee, and reading in 3rd grade)
Ms. Kelly - (Gwyn's Class and reading in 2nd grade)
Ms. Alya - (Debbie's Class)
Ms. Betsy - (Nanci and Middle School)
Special Education Teachers
Susan Van Zandt
Laura Rosenblum
Special Education IA's
Ms. Cindi
Ms. Beth
Ms. Elaine
School Counselor
Anika Asmerian
Mr. Richard
Ms. Eva
Specialist Teachers
Ms. Alicia - 1st - 4th grade Spanish
Ms. Annie - 5th - 8th grade Spanish
Mr. Mark - 1st - 5th grade Music
Mr. Jason - Middle School Music
Ms. Ziva - Garden Specialist
Ms. Rachel - ELD