Gnome Garden Makeover
Wed, Jan 31
Mariposa School

The Gnome Garden is in desperate need of a makeover and we need your help! We are requesting donations of shade loving plants. If you are interested in donating a plant or two, please review the list  as most of these plants are readily available at Home Depot, DIY and or Armstrong Nursery.


If you find other plants, please feel free to purchase those as long as they are shade loving or partial shade loving plants.


Any size is fine.


You can leave the plants in the gnome garden.



Coleonema - Pulchellum
Coral Bells
Fern - Lemon Button
Fern - Pine
Ferns - Indian Holly
Galvezia Speciosa - Island Snapdragon
Grevilea - Long John
Heuchera - Autumn Leaves
Heuchera - Carnival Black Olive
Heuchera - Pearl Blush
Japanese Aralia
Lepechinia Fragrans - Fragrant Pitcher Sage
Lily Turf - Big Blue
Lily Turf - Giant
Meadow Rue
Milium - Flashlights
Monkey Flower
Philodendron - Split Leaf
Pittosporum - Harley Botanica
Salviaspathace - Hummingbird Sage
Sisyrinchium Bellum - Blue-Eyed Grass
Venegasia Carpesiodes - Canyon Sunflower
Wild Strawberry
Wrinkled Blue Kohuhu



Shade loving plants (full shade and partial shade) Signed Up: 4 / 20

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