Important Information Regarding the Upcoming Mariposa Dances
Mon, Jan 18 6:48pm

Dear Mariposa Families,

As our school dances are quickly coming up (January 29 & 30) we, as a community, are getting very excited to take part in these very special occasions. It is so rewarding to be able to create a night where parents can have such a fun and magical evening with their child(ren).  With this in mind, we are asking that you remember what a night at a dance is like. We will be having a DJ and MC along with many fun activities — however, the event also features loud music, dim lighting and a relatively late ending time. This being said, please keep in mind the developmental stage as well as the temperament of your individual child to determine if the type of event is something which is age-appropriate for him or her (as some parents with younger children may choose to limit the amount of time spent at the dance or even opt out of it altogether).

In addition, we are graciously (yet strongly!) asking that parents stay with / supervise their children throughout the night and engage (be present) in the experience with them. In other words, please be responsible for your child and their actions at the dance, as we want this night to be full of positive memories for all.

Lastly, please consider donating items or volunteering your time at the dances. Click here to see what's needed and to sign up!

We look forward to seeing you and your children there and hope to create yet another amazing night for our community of amazing families.


The Dance Committee