Mariposa Makes a Difference!
Thu, Feb 4 10:30am

Look at all those bags full of trash!

Grades 1, 2 & 6 spent yesterday morning cleaning Point Dume and made a huge difference!  Mariposa loves the environment and is thrilled to offer children the opportunity to impact the beach in such a positive way.  

Parents, now it's your turn to create a positive impact.  Tonight, sit with your child and make a list of all the family, friends and neighbors you will ask to sponsor your child's efforts with the Beach Clean-a-Thon fundraiser.  This weekend, have your child create a poster that you can take to work and ask your colleagues to help your child reach their fundraising goal!  

The Beach Clean-a-Thon is an amazing 3-purpose fundraiser.

  1. Teaches children about the environment and how they can make a positive impact.
  2. Demonstrates philanthropy and community partnership, as we donate 10% of all donated funds directly to Heal the Bay.
  3. Creates an opportunity for family, friends, neighbors and colleagues to support Mariposa and it's unique educational philosophy.

PLUS, the 3 classes with the most participation (NOT dollar amount) get RECESS WITH THE PRINCIPAL.  How's that for fun?


Thank you for your support!