School Photos / Individual Yearbook Photo
Fri, Jan 12 5:16pm

If you have already ordered prints, your child's individual yearbook photo will be selected from the photos that your ordered (if they fit within the yearbook's specific photo parameters). 


For those of you who have not  yet ordered, you may still order them up until the end of June.  However the deadline to order prints in order to use one of those photos for the individual yearbook photo is Wednesday, January 17.  If we do not receive a photo order by that deadline, a yearbook photo will be selected for you.


Here is the link to order prints:


Username: your email address on file

Password: your child's unique LVUSD student ID


You should have received an email with the above information. If you cannot find it, you can either email me or log onto Aeiries to locate your child's student ID.


With gratitude,