Wed, Nov 30 8:56pm
This year’s WINTER FAIRE is upon us and while it is a beautiful opportunity for our Mariposa school community, it is also an opportunity to SHARE the wintry wonderland with our friends and greater community!
So please do share the news in any way you choose: copy & paste, forward, email, text, call, post!
Saturday - December 3rd
10 am to 4 pm
6050 Calmfield Ave
Agoura Hills, CA  91301
There will be DELICIOUS (and multicultural!) foods and drinks from local vendors, DELIGHTS from our very own amazing bakers and FABULOUS handmade crafts and gifts from our talented students, teachers and parents!!
Above and beyond our wondrous classic events, Pine Needle SleddingRiddle Wizard and Archery, we have some terrific new additions to the faire… a Gnome Launcher, a Puppet Show, a chance to win Principal For A Day and SO MUCH MORE!
Please SHOW UP and SIGN UP … it takes a VILLAGE (and we Villagers like to have some good ole fashioned FUN!).
ALL PROCEEDS go to our fantastic school!!
See you there…