Lion King Bake Sale Concessions: Need bake sale volunteers for our upcoming school play!
Mon, Dec 3 9:03am
Marshall Lane Elementary

Are you interested in helping with our upcoming school play bake sale? 




  • Thursday, December  6th
  • Friday, December 7th
  • Saturday, December 8th

 We need volunteers to:

  1. Coordinate volunteer shifts
  2. Coordinate bake sale donations (through a sign up in Konstella)
  3. Communication with parents in the play
  4. Help with setup flower sales
  5. Help coordinate play parents to donate a group gift to Director and others

Questions?  E-mail Shelley Sakhuja at


More details:


Bake Sale Lead:

  • Set up a request for donations and shifts for parents to volunteer working the concessions on Konstella (for each of the performances). This includes requesting volunteers to buy and wrap flowers.
  • Communicate to the parents that we need support/help with donations and the logistics for doing so
  • Bring in the cash box money (to get right back after the performances are over)
  • Monitor the concessions and set-up/tear-down at some of the shifts. (Sometimes all of the shifts - yet you can still watch the show).
  • Deposit (give to Eileen) all profits at the end of all the performances.


Q & A:

  1.  What times do they sell?
    They usually sell for about a half hour before, during intermission (if there is one) and then for maybe 20 mins. after each performance.
  2. How many volunteers/shifts are needed?
    3-4 volunteers per shift is good.
  3. Will parents miss parts of the performance?
    Parents will not miss parts of the performance to work at the concessions. The Lead or one of the volunteers would just have to bring the cash box in during the show and then quickly bring it back out at the end (or intermission).
  4. How many flowers are needed?
    Flowers are kind of their own undertaking. In 2017, three of us took care of buying and wrapping them. We ended up going through about 6-7 dozen. We started with maybe four dozen…wrapped them with plastic sleeves and added ribbon…and then bought more accordingly for the next shows. Wrapping them before the shows seemed to work well.
  5. How do I sign up to help?

    Sign-ups for this should be done in Konstella. See link below.

  6. 2018 Sign ups for Bake Sale: