PTA General Meeting (morning)
Marshall Lane Elementary

Marshall Lane PTA General Association Meeting Agenda

Note:  Principal's Update at this meeting in lieu of Principal's Coffee Chat on Nov. 3


Date: Friday, October 27, 2023
Time: 8:20 - 9:20am
In-Person Location: Marshall Lane Staff Lounge

Zoom Location:


  1. 8:20-8:22am: Welcome (Steph Contro)
    • Call meeting to order
    • Adoption of the agenda

  2. 8:22-8:25am: Meeting Minutes Review & Approval (Cortney Harper)

  3. 8:25-8:30am: Treasurer’s Report (Cortney Harper)

  4. 8:30-8:40am: Principal’s Updates (Amy Vanderbosch)

  5. 8:40-9:00am: Committee Updates

    • Programs (Meena Venkateswaran)

    • Fundraising (Rashma Patel)

    • MLEF (Steph Contro)

  6. 9:00-9:10am: New Business Updates & VOTE

    • PTA Bylaw Updates (Indhu Muthuraman)

    • Vote: Appoint Monthly Bank Statement Review (Steph Contro)

    • Vote: Appoint Second Auditor (Steph Contro)

  7. 9:10-9:15am: Open Forum (All)

  8. 9:15-9:20am: Wrap Up & Adjourn (Steph Contro)


Fri, May 24 8:20am