Principal’s Coffee
Fri, Sep 15 2:36pm
Good Afternoon ML Families!
Please see below Principal’s Coffee Chat follow up message and information from Mrs. Vanderbosch.
Thank you and have a great weekend! 
A big thank you to the parents that were able to join last week's Principal's Coffee.  It's something I'd like to continue to host over the coming year as a way to foster important two-way communication.
I know we will continue to find ways to fine tune that communication, and I'm very pleased to have you join me in that effort. So, thank you to those who offered feedback about the presentation and Q and A.
I've been able to follow up on some of the important food questions, and will continue to research answers I don't yet have.  Please read below if you're interested in those hot topics.
Finally, if there are some speakers that you would find interesting, it might be a great forum for learning from others in the field.  Please use the QR code on the slides or this link to send me suggestions about potential speakers or topics you care about.
Thanks again!
Amy Vanderbosch
*Food Q and A**
What is the process for a farm to become certified? A farm must work with the health department through the certification process and undergo regular inspection to become a source for school districts.  
Is there an indicator on the menu for scratch made vs. purchased food items? Yes!! The letter "F" will appear next to items that are made fresh in the central kitchen.
Are there sources for grass-fed milk?  No.  There are only two suppliers for milk locally at the 1/2 pint size.  Neither supplier offers grass-fed.