Goodwill Donation Drive

Coordinate the Goodwill Donation truck to come to Marshall Lane 1-2x/school year.  When we fill the truck, we receive fundraising money to go towards important programs.

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Coordinate with the Goodwill rep and Mrs. Spencer for dates and availability of bathroom on the day of the event. Fill out an application and secure a certificate of liability from Goodwill that is required by the school district. Communicate with the PTA board about volunteer opportunities and producing a flyer for the Shout Out. On the day of the event, arrive at ML at 9:30am to set up sandwiches signs that Goodwill provides to put on main streets for advertisements. Pick them back up after the event. Goodwill provides a truck and a person inside to arrange and organize. Marshall lane volunteers are just there to take stuff from cars, and hand to the Goodwill truck.
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