The Outdoor Education Center (OEC) is a parent led and run school garden program.  We have three main goals this year: 

  • To provide hands on experiences for the children that allow them the opportunity to
    cultivate their curiosity and learn from Nature and her many lessons
  • Not necessarily create a hugely bountiful garden, but rather for the children to learn the
    intricacies of starting and maintaining a garden of living things.
  • To foster a sense of agency as a gardener for each student, contribute to building a
    sense of community and shared stewardship over the garden itself.

Welcome to our school garden/OEC Konstella page!  Here you'll find lessons plans & resources, our calendar for scheduling class time in the OEC garden, message board, volunteer sign up sheets, and contact info for our group.

Positions (2/3 filled)

Committee Lead Signed Up: 2 / 2

Parent Volunteer Signed Up: 27 / 27

Teachers/Staff Signed Up: 3 / 20

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