Room Parent Commettee

Hi Room Parents! We are so glad you are here. :) 

Thank you for being integral Marshall Lane’s success!


We have created this committee here on Konstella so we can better communicate within our group and help answer any questions that might arise.


Room Parents are responsible for bridging communication between PTA and parents, and/or teachers and parents. It is essential that each classroom has at least one room parent. 


The level of involvement of the room parent can vary by grade level, as well as participation as requested by the teacher.  However there are three main tasks as the room parent: 

(1) Communication

(2) Coordinate/Delegate Volunteers

(3) Financial Responsibilities


The primary focus of the room parent is communication. The room parent acts as a liaison between the PTA, the teacher and the other parents in the class. The room parent is also responsible for assisting the teacher as requested and supporting classroom activities. The room parent shares information with other parents about school events and opportunities to support and contribute to Marshall Lane, both financially and as a volunteer.  Information can be shared in a variety of ways including emails, notices sent home and/or posted around the school or in the classroom and communications from the PTA.


Please make sure you meet with your teacher to find out how they would like you to best communicate with parents.

Marshall Lane often communicates to parents by email through Konstella.


Access to the ROOM PARENT TOOL KIT can be found here.



Positions (1/1 filled)

Committee Chair Signed Up: 1 / 1