Room Parent Committee 2023-2024


Welcome Room Parents! We are so thankful that you have stepped up to fulfill this essential role in our Marshall Lane community.


The room parent acts as a liaison between the PTA, the teacher and the other parents in the class. 


We would like to use this Konstella committee as a place where information can be shared between PTA, and the Room Parents (and hopefully passed on to the parents). This is also the place where ideas can be shared,  questions can be asked and best practices can be shared. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Let's work together to make sure we are supporting our students and classroom to the best of our abilities. 


Lastly, to help you navigate this role, we have created the Room Parent Guidelines to provide some guidance as you take on this important role. Below we have highlighted the most valuable pieces, but we would encourage you to review this document in its entirety. 

  • Getting Started as a Room Parent | Link
    • Establish a Budget | Link
  • Communication Tools | Link
  • Additional Resources | Link


Please reach out to the Committee Chairs directly with specific questions or requests. 


Positions (1/2 filled)

Committee Chair Signed Up: 2 / 2

Parent Volunteers Signed Up: 43 / 50

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