Tue, Oct 11 6:21pm

As we prepare for this year’s Fun Run we want to remind everyone about the best part, the school-wide incentive if we reach our fundraising goal! (Oh, did you think we were going to say all of the funds we raise for the school?)  Last year we exceeded our goal of raising $20,000 and were able to SLIME Mr. Giusti! In years past students have been able to tape Mr. Marcaccio to the wall and one year he even rode a pony to school!  This year our goal is bigger than it’s ever been (+$30,000!), so the school-wide incentive should be the best we’ve ever had!  To do that, we need your help!  We are asking each student to submit ideas for a school-wide incentive.  We are going to pick one incentive from each grade level (pre-K-2) and vote on the final prize!

Please complete the form below to cast your student’s vote no later than Friday 10/14! Get those creative juices flowing!