Holiday Shop Starts Monday!
Sun, Nov 26 9:08am

We still have need for some volunteers on Monday and a few other days, so if you are free to help and have a current BCI please sign up!  We also can use donations of grocery bags as well which can be left with Michelle.


The schedule for the week is:

Monday - Sullivan, Simonetti (AM), Daley (PM)

Tuesday - Flanagan, Eminger (AM), Della Grotta, Greineder (PM)

Wednesday - Potter, Koln (AM), Marcks, Mattox (PM)

Thursday - Bursky, Sienko (AM), Haskins (PM), small session for make up shopping will be available Friday PM as well


Please be sure to send any children who would like to shop with cash or check made payable to Meadowbrook PTG and ideally a list of who they are shopping for (which can be found on the flyer which was sent home and attached here).