Meadowbrook Farms Fun Run 2021!!
Wed, Oct 6 12:33pm

October 2021


Meadowbrook Farms Families,


The PTG’s biggest fundraiser of the year, Meadowbrook Fun Run, will kick off in just a few weeks on October 25th! Our 2019 run brought in an amazing $20,000 for our school. We hope to match that again this year while strengthening our school community.


What is the Run?!?! It’s a fun run during school hours on November 4th where students will walk and run around our outdoor track, cheer on classmates and dance to fun music. In the weeks leading up to the run, students are encouraged to get pledges from family, friends, neighbors, (anyone!) to raise money for school. Funds will go directly to school and PTG initiatives …  teacher grants, assemblies, family events, principal’s grant, classroom based initiatives, school enhancements, and more...the list goes on and on!


Throughout the 9 day pledging period, students will also see character presentations focused on teamwork, problem solving, kindness and more to add to the community building element that the Fun Run brings to school. 


Stay tuned for more information on registration, pledging, rewards and how to help!



We’ll be in touch closer to kick off but if you have questions along the way, contact:


Thanks in advance for your support to make this year’s Run a big success for our school!

  • Meadowbrook Farms PTG