Scholastic Book Fair 9/27-10/1
Thu, Sep 23 10:16am

A few important things to know for Book Fair next week (9/27 through 10/1)... 


Class Visits and Payment Options

Students can bring in cash or check made to 'Meadowbrook Farms PTG' or sign up for eWallets. If writing a check, your child will go home with cash change from their transaction. You can also use a credit card if shopping with your child online;


Student Wish Lists

- If you prefer your child not make purchases during their visit, that is fine! We have Wish Lists that a volunteer will fill out with the name/price of books they like. Your child will bring that home, discuss with you and then may purchase later in the week. We cannot hold books so there is a chance it might be out of stock when your child returns but we'll do our best to find something similar. 2nd grade parents, your child will be visiting on the last day of Book Fair so there will be no wish lists sent home. 


Teacher Wish Lists

Around the room you'll see colored signs with teacher names and a stack of books underneath. These are books that teachers have picked out as a 'Wish List' item for their classroom. If you like, you may purchase a book to donate. At checkout, let the cashier know it's a Wish List book, you'll receive a 'to/from' sticker to place in the book to designate it's from your child and then you/your child can give the book to the teacher. 



- Check in at the front office and head to the library. Please arrive a few minutes before your time shift. We're still in need of volunteers for a few classes so even if it's not your child's class but you can share your time, we'd appreciate your help! Volunteer signs up are here.


Open House (Thursday 9/30, Parents Only)

- Book Fair will be open from 5:30 to 7:30 PM in the library.  Feel free to shop books with your child’s wish list (and bring a reusable shopping bag if you remember).


All For Books

- 'All For Books' is a Scholastic initiative where 100% of money collected goes  to buy books for Meadowbrook. At checkout, if a transaction has change under 5 cents, we'll automatically round up to the next dollar and donate those pennies. If you'd prefer your child go home with exact change, please mark that on their money/envelope. Otherwise, we'll donate those pennies to buy books for the Library; it's amazing how it adds up!


Scholastic Flyer

A Scholastic flyer is going home in your child's backpack; these are only just some of the offerings at Book Fair ... there is much more for them to choose from at the fair. 


Did you know?

Our primary goal of Book Fair is to get books in our students hands to keep them excited about reading. As an added benefit, part of every dollar earned from the fair is contributed back to Meadowbrook Farms PTG  to help fund other school initiatives throughout the year. It's a win-win!



Please feel free to reach out to Book Fair Co-Chairs Eleni ( and Deron ( at any time!