Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities
Thu, Feb 25 1:55pm

While this year has had limited volunteer opportunities, there are still ways you can help the PTG. We're looking for volunteers to help with...


READING WEEK (Apr 12-16): This has always been one of the most spirited weeks at school and we'd like to bring it back this Spring. We need a few parents to brainstorm, plan and pull it together. With enough lead time, let's make it one for kids and Staff to look forward to and celebrate! We're looking for Chair(s) as well as volunteers. Sign up on Konstella if you are interested


YEARBOOK: This is a great way to volunteer by creating a lasting memory keepsake for Meadowbrook Magicians. Everything is done online and on your own time; we have a few parents on board but are looking for more to help divvy up the work in the coming months. Sign up on Konstella or email Yearbook Chair, Ashley Bond, at magiciansyearbook@gmail.com 


STAFF APPRECIATION: We're always looking for new ways to say "thank you" to our Meadowbrook Staff. Sign up here if you'd like to help. 


Have an idea of something you'd like to help make happen at school this Spring? Email us at meadowbrookfarmsptg@gmail.com