Book Fair Wrap-Up
Wed, Oct 3 8:45pm
Meadowbrook Farms School

Last week was a great week of Book Fair! Students really enjoyed selecting books and browsing the fair. Equally exciting, the PTG used earned Scholastic Rewards to add over 120 new books to the Library, all Pre-k through 2nd grade classrooms, nurse's office, resource teachers and more. 


A big thank you goes to:

- All of the volunteers who came to classroom visits to assist students

- Set-up and break down volunteers

- Our Librarian, Mrs. Lynch,  for turning over the Library for the week and for helping student make book selections 

- Mr. Marcaccio for a great morning of reading at Breakfast with Books

- All the bakers who donated breakfast goods for Breakfast with Books


We hope your child(ren) had a great time too and are enjoying their new books!  See you at our Spring Book Fair (Apr 8-12)! 




All of the books that were added to the MFS Library, Pre-K through 2nd grade classrooms, resource teachers and more.