Check it out! New and Exciting Ways to Support Meadowbrook Farms...
Mon, Aug 6 3:08pm
Meadowbrook Farms School

Happy August everyone!

We are getting ready for the upcoming school year and have many wonderful events planned. With that said, we would like to pass along information on some new and exciting ways to support Meadowbrook Farms.

As most of you know, we provide the School Directory to over 250 East Greenwich families as well as the entire Meadowbrook faculty and staff. It is a great way to promote a local business.

We also host many popular events such as the Glow Run, Snowball Dance, Talent Show, Field Day, etc., where local businesses can come on board as Event Supporters and be recognized in numerous ways. For example, one of our biggest events, The Glow Run, is currently seeking T-shirt sponsors. Help support our largest fundraiser by having your logo on all of the kids shirts!

If you own a local business, know someone that does or work for a business interested in community involvement, please check out the attached flyer. It outlines all of the different opportunities to support Meadowbrook Farms and, as you will see, they are all a great bang for your buck!

Thank you for taking the time to review this and please reach out to Kelly Darcey (, subject: MFES Support) with any questions.


Enjoy the rest of your summer!