Exciting news from the PTG...
Wed, Nov 28 11:33am
Meadowbrook Farms School

Meadowbrook Farms Parents,


The 2018 Glow Run was a huge success thanks to our school community. We exceeded our fundraising goal and netted over $23,000!


After covering field trips, teacher grants, staff appreciation, school events and other budgeted expenses, the PTG will have a Surplus of several thousand dollars to allocate towards other school initiatives. Mr. Marcaccio has talked with MFS Staff about ideas for this Surplus spending, which include:


  • Educational Programming and Learning/Curriculum Enhancements
    • Save the Bay
    • Alternative Seating and Tables to promote collaborative spaces
    • STEAM materials
    • Emotional Learning Classroom Spaces
    • Technology (Chromebooks and Smart Devices)
    • Social Emotional Learning materials and training
  • Safety & Security Enhancements
    • Preschool Playground Fence
    • Additional Walkie Talkie Radios
  • School Beautification
    • New Display Cases/Bulletin Boards
    • Animated Scrolling Hallway Signs
  • Additional Staff Appreciation


Please join us at the PTG General Meeting (Thursday, November 29th at 6:30pm) to discuss in more detail. We will likely vote to approve funding for some if not all of the Surplus dollar allocation so that we can start implementation as soon as possible.


We’re eager to have more parents involved in executing and managing some of these projects. If you are interested, please reach out to Mr. Marcaccio or either of us directly.


Thank you again for your Glow Run support and for helping the PTG do some amazing things for Meadowbrook Farms students this year!



Rebecca Danehy and Christine Dembinski

PTG Co-Presidents