Holiday Shop Next Week!
Thu, Dec 6 12:41pm
Meadowbrook Farms School

We're excited to have the Holiday Shop at school next week. Here is all you need to know!


What is the Holiday Shop???

The Holiday Shop is a great opportunity for your child to pick out small gifts for any friends, family, or other people on his/her shopping list! There is a wide variety of little toys, pens, costume jewelry, gadgets, mugs, and much much more. Items range in price from $0.25 to $12. Your child will visit the Holiday Shop with their class, pay for the items and "wrap" them in marked/sealed bags to bring home. 



The Holiday Shop will only be at school on Monday, December 10th and Tuesday, December 11th. No purchases can be made after that point. 


Class Schedule

Monday: DePasquale, Cascione, Potter, Garcia, Orleck, Simonetti, Daley, Mattox

Tuesday: AM PreK, Sullivan, Haskins, PM PreK, Flanagan, Mateer



Envelopes were sent home last week for your child to bring in his/her money. Or, any envelope will do so long as their name/class is written on the outside! If you have specific people you want your child to shop for, please mark that on the envelope. You don't need to fill out the exact amount to spend on each gift recipient but if you have a preference, please mark that too and volunteers will do their best to follow that as a guide. 


Checks should be made out to Meadowbrook Farms PTG.  No credit cards will be accepted. 



The Holiday Shop is a great way to help students get in the holiday spirit and the more helpers we have, the better! Please sign up to help if you're available. Some parents even sign up for other classes to help keep their gifts a surprise!


Before your child visits

It's often a good idea to talk with your child ahead of time about the Holiday Shop and who they are purchasing gifts for.  It is certainly very tempting for kids to see lots of fun items and want them too! If you're okay with your child purchasing something for themselves, please tell them ahead of time or mark it on their envelope. 



If you have any questions, please reach out to one of the Holiday Shop Co-Chairs!


Erin Plaziak (

Sarah Turshen (

Kayla Zarella (