Important Konstella Info for 2019-2020 School Year
Thu, Jul 18 8:31pm

Meadowbrook Farms Community,


We hope your summer is going well! 


In the coming week, Meadowbrook Farms PTG will refresh Konstella for the next school year. Once this refresh is done, all info from this past year will be wiped out completely so that new info, dates and committee contacts can be updated. 


Here is what you need to know to make sure you are all set up for Konstella next year .... 


Rising PreK-2nd grade parents…

  • If your child is remaining at Meadowbrook, the only thing you need to do is assign him/her to the appropriate classroom once you receive teacher placements in August
  • If your child is new to Meadowbrook and you already have a Konstella account for another child at Meadowbrook, add your new student to your current Konstella profile. Go to “Your Children” and use the “Add Child” function. Once you receive placement letters, assign both children to their classrooms 
  • If your child is new to Meadowbrook and you do not have Konstella account yet, you can sign up here. Once you receive your child’s placement letter, add him/her to the respective classroom


Rising 3rd grade parents….

  • Your child will be removed from Meadowbrook’s Konstella site and you will need to add him/her to Hanaford’s portal (it is not automatically carried over!)
  • If your family is completely new to Hanaford, you will receive an email invite to join the Hanaford Konstella portal. You may use a link in that email or if you prefer, click here to join Hanaford's Konstella community and add your child
  • If you already have a child at Hanaford and need to add your rising 3rd grader, go to “Your Children” and use the “Add Child” function 
  • If you will have a new student at Hanaford but also another child at Meadowbrook, email Hanaford’s PTG will send you a special link so that you can have just one Konstella log-in for both children, and can easily toggle back and forth between schools
  • Also, be sure to join Hanaford’s Facebook and Instagram pages.


We know this sounds like info overload but it’s really finding the right scenario for your family and doing that one option (it's easy, we promise!). If you happen to be on Konstella before August, please note it will be “under construction” as updates are made for next school year.


Once placement letters are received in mid-August, it will all be ready to go so you can see dates, sign-up for committees and more. We encourage you to hold onto this email so that once you receive your child’s teacher placement letter, you know exactly what to do. 


If you have any questions, email either of next year’s PTG Co-Presidents, Christine Dembinski ( or Sarah Turshen ( and they will be happy to help.


Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for more info over the summer too! 


Happy Summer, 

Meadowbrook Farms PTG