Spirit Day is tomorrow, Friday (5/3)
Thu, May 2 1:02pm
Meadowbrook Farms School

Tomorrow, Friday (5/3) is School Spirit Day! If your child chooses, encourage him/her to wear bright colored clothing or a Meadowbrook t-shirt! This Spirit Day is going to focus on "Bowserthon"!


Mr. Maraccio sent an email this morning with more info on "Bowserthon". Here it is again:


Good Morning,

Tomorrow, Friday 5/3, is our monthly school spirit day. Your child is welcome to wear his or her tie dye Meadowbrook shirt, bright colors or whatever makes him or her happy. 
This month we are celebrating "Bowserthon", which starts this weekend.
What is "Bowserthon". Bowserthon is our student led initiative to raise funds to help Bowser, Save the Bay's resident snapping turtle. You are likely aware of the great collaborative relationship Meadowbrook has with Save the Bay.
Our students have been hard at work discussing this event and related pieces. Over the past couple of weeks all students have made amazing posters advertising this event around our school. Ask your child about it! We'll be sending some pics and additional info. out tomorrow. 
Bowser is outgrowing his very old, small and leaky tank at the Save the Bay Exploration Center (aquarium) in Newport. Snapping turtles are a key predator in lakes, rivers and ponds which feed the bay. They are also an indicator of watershed health. 
Bowser represents a key element of Save the Bay's goal to educate students and the public in general about the bay's watershed.The watershed includes 2,800 square miles of RI and Massachusetts. The bay's watershed is critical to the health of the bay itself and watersheds in general are key to the health of our oceans. Remember the line from Finding Nemo, "All drains lead to the ocean". It's true, much of what goes down our drain and washes off our our streets, yards, etc. makes it into Narragansett Bay in one form or another. 
Here's a video from a recent first grade trip to Save the Bay's Exploration Center.
Your child will likely come home talking about Bowserthon, which starts this weekend. More information about this project will be coming home with students on 5/3. 
You do not need to do anything prior to this weekend, other than sending your child in dressed for spirit day (and it's optional). 
Thank you,  
Neil Marcaccio
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