Stop & Shop Rewards
Mon, Jan 7 1:31pm
Meadowbrook Farms School
Thanks to all those who have registered their Stop & Shop cards with the A+ Rewards program. 
Since September, Meadowbrook has earned nearly $500 from the program — money that goes to making our school a better place for our children to learn and grow.  
Card registrations for this school year are due January 31st.  It's not too late to register your card for this school year. Simply follow the instructions below and don’t forget to ask grandparents and aunts/uncles to designate Meadowbrook Farms too - it's a no hassle way to support the school. 
How to register your card
Simply visit  and select SIGN IN at the top right to log into your online account.  Once logged in, select MY ACCOUNT, MANAGE MY ACCOUNT, then REWARDS & SAVINGS. Using your 13-digit Stop and Shop card number and Meadowbrook’s School ID (#10774), you can enroll in the A+ Rewards program. 
All that’s left to do is go shopping!  Each time you scan your Stop & Shop card at checkout, Meadowbrook Farms will earn cash reward points. At the end of the year, Stop & Shop will cut the school a check. Simple as that!